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Interview with Stephanie Adams: former Australian model, entrepreneur, influencer and best-selling a

Check out Stephanie Adams' interview today. Stephanie Adams has contributed as an ambassador for various luxury brands and is a frequent guest at Paris Fashion Weeks.

Her expertise lies in book and magazine publishing, having interviewed men and women around the world who are makings changes. With eleven published books, Steph has conducted over 100 interviews which have been featured in: Luxury in Paris, Fashion & Style, Success Secrets, The Juggle and more. She has graced the covers of L'Official Monaco and L'Official Austria and recently launched Steph Adams Beauty which is a luxury makeup and skincare collection. She has been featured in Vogue as "best of front row" and various other magazines as well as news and online networks from, Sky News UK, World News, ABC America, BBC, CNN, Fox Sports, Channel 7 Daily Edition, ABC Radio as well as magazines including; Vogue, Vanity Fair Italy, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and more. This interview is an opportunity for us to know a little more about the impressive journey of a woman with multiple lives!

Interviewée : Stéphanie Adams

Intervieweur : Olfa

Date de l'entretien : 10 Février 2022

Lieu de l'entretien : Paris

Hi Stéphanie,

Olfa : How are you doing Stephanie? Let me clarify who you are. You are an Australian model, editor, art director, Award-winning fashion influencer and #1 best-selling author, who has published eleven books, you have worked for several media such as Vogue British, Australia, Harper's Bazaar UK, Marie Claire Australia, Elle UK. Reading your background, it seems that you have lived many lives. What were your best memories in your different lives?

SA : Some of my best memories were travelling as a model and shooting for various campaigns, magazines and commercials.  It was such a great time in my life and really gave me a fresh perspective on the world. I encourage all young girls to travel. Working with Vogue and Net-a-Porter in London was such an experience to learning more about the fashion industry. Also, the fact that Net-a-Porter was online, so it was my first insight into the digital world and seeing the real power of how connected we all are.

Olfa : After conquering the world through your different activities, what do you do today?

SA :Today I am the CEO of Steph Adams PTE LTD which includes a Luxury Publishing house and Steph Adams Beauty.

Olfa : How would you define your job?

SA : I am a CEO, digital creator, author and entrepreneur.

Olfa : We will talk about your story, your family, the fashion...But first of all, I have a question for you. What place does music have in your life?

SA : Music has a huge place in my life and is something that inspires me daily. It also taps into different emotions and enables you to express yourself creatively.

Olfa : Who do you listen to, to relax, to motivate you, to calm you down,

SA : I like some of the old classic music from Frank Sinatra as well as St Tropez Summer beats, Hotel Costes and the current music also from pop and funk.

Olfa : What are your origins? Where were you born?

SA : I was born in Perth, Western Australia.

Olfa : Is that where you spent your childhood?

SA : Yes, I spent most of my childhood growing up in Perth, it is such a beautiful place in the world. They have the best beaches.

Olfa : Could you describe your personality?

SA : I would say outgoing.

Olfa : Can you describe your country in 3 words?

SA : Australia is beautiful, peaceful and has great energy.

Olfa : What values did your parents instill in you?

SA : To always be kind

Olfa : Do you have any brothers or sisters?

SA : I have two brothers, a step sister and a step brother.

Olfa : The biggest mistake you made together that your parents do not know about?

SA : Ha ha, there were many. Sneaking out of the house and putting pillows in our bed.

Olfa : Again, you are a former model, editor, art director, journalist, award-winning influencer and best-selling author who has worked for several media outlets around the world. My question is the following: Is it that easy to combine your personal and professional life? Are you currently in a relationship?

SA : I was working for myself before I met my husband and I got married quite late, at the age of 35, so I had already established a career by then.

Olfa : How does your partner feel about it?

SA : He is very supportive. I do not think I would be where I am if he had not been.

Olfa : You have traveled the world for many years, you have worked and you have friends all over the world. In which countries do you feel most at home?

SA : I am most at home when I am in Australia, but I spend a lot of time

in Paris also.

Olfa : Do you have children?

SA : Yes, I have two sons.

Olfa : Are you more of a modern or traditional mom in raising your children?

SA : I think everyone has there own rules in raising children. I am firm when I need to be, but mostly relaxed.

Olfa : Do you have too many restrictions when it comes to tablets and social networks?

SA : Yes, they do not have iPads or iPhones yet.

Olfa : Do you give them a limitation in their connection? Or are you against this new virtual world and more for the real world?

SA : They actually are more into YouTube and watching the young children who have their own channels. They seem to learn a lot from them, so I remain open when it comes to learning.

Olfa : How difficult is it to be a mom in the 21st century?

SA : It is difficult but I think we accommodate.

Olfa : What is your most beautiful memory with your children?

SA : Some of the most beautiful memories we have had is on the beaches in

Cannes, St Tropez and Bondi beach.

Olfa : We saw on Instagram a touching photo you posted 1 year ago with your child and with you as a child and your cousins, with your grandfather. What memories do you have of him? (What a man he was?)

SA : My grandfather was a Q.C (Queens Counsellor) who brought the drinking age down from 21 to 18 in Australia. He was an incredible man, very reserved. He was often called on by politicians to give them advice.

Olfa : When you were young, when did you realize that you could make a

living from modeling?

SA : I was scouted about three times when I was young by agents looking for models. I loved that time because you learn so much as a model about the fashion industry and I met some lovely girls all around the world. But at the same time, it can be not such a healthy career. I think it is good to have various skills and interests.

Olfa : When did you feel that your life was changing?

SA : I have always felt rather grounded. I have never felt different from the different careers I have moved through.

Olfa : In your eyes Steph, what does being beautiful mean? Who is the most beautiful person you have ever seen?

SA : My grandmother is the most beautiful because of her strength and values. She has always been someone I admired. Coming from a fashion background, it is often the people not in the industry that have a more beautiful outlook on life.

Olfa : How did you learn about fashion?

SA : I am still learning! :)

Olfa : Who are the designers that have made the biggest impression on you?

SA : Some of my favourite designers are: Alex Perry, Rebecca Vallance, Tom Ford, Olivier Rousteing, Pierpaolo Piccioli, Giambattista Valli, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Virgine Viard, because they are always breaking the mould and pushing the boundaries.

Olfa : We are in our team mostly millennials. The new generation and we did not know fashion in the 80's and 90's busy with our marbles and catching our pokemons. Can you tell us about that time?

SA : The 90’s fashion along with the Supermodels was such an iconic time. It was when fashion was sexy and elegant. This era is akin to the decade of THE fashion and the great designers. Many have left us, like Karl Lagarfeld and most recently Thierry Mugler.

Olfa : What do you think of the new generation of designers?

SA : I think we have a lot of talent with the new generation.

Olfa : What future do you see for fashion?

SA : I see fashion becoming more sustainable and people buying vintage. But fashion will always remain popular because of its aesthetic and culture.

Olfa : What kind of dresses do you prefer to wear in spring?

SA : I like sleek and simple.

Olfa : Which designers fascinate you?

SA : I would say Tom Ford for his sexy silhouettes.

Olfa : If you had to go to a desert island, what book would you take, what album would you listen to, and what dress would you wear?

SA: I would probably take a book on positive affirmations, a white

cotton dress and listen to some slow summer beats.

Olfa : You have launched a cosmetic brand, Steph Adams Beauty, isn't it right? Can you tell us more about it?

SA: Only that it’s launching soon.

Olfa : After having accomplished so much. Do you still have ambitions, goals, dreams?

SA: You should never stop dreaming!

Olfa : Can you describe your clothing universe?

SA: It is getting crazy, my wardrobe has quadrupled in the last 7 years with fashion weeks. It is almost time for a new wardrobe space!

Olfa : I will describe some situations and you tell me what dress would go with it?

-First date?

SA: If you like him, something sexy, if you don’t, something conservative.

Olfa : A night out with your friends?

SA: A little black dress.

Olfa : A walk with your children in a park in front of some bitchy moms?

SA: I will be laying low in my gym wear.

Olfa : We are currently in the middle of a pandemic. How did you experience the 2020 containment? It has been difficult for everyone. This month is women's month: Stephanie, we wanted to talk to you about a sensitive and recurring topic in our society: Today, women who suffer domestic violence have an easier time saying no! Thanks to social networks that give them the necessary courage to denounce their tormentor and break the silence. You have a large community. What message can you give to your followers who are likely to be in this

situation of violence

SA: That you should speak with someone that could offer help.


Itumba: Do you have a message to give to your subscribers?

SA: “No one can give you what you want, but yourself”.

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